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Rates & Special Pricing

Payment Options: Cash, Check, or Zelle

Single Session


We are now doing a keep it local rate which is a cash economy system.


Why keep it local? So that the money can continue to circulate in our local economy and support local businesses. Nothing keeps it local like cash :)

60 minute session, $130

Keep it local (cash only), $120


90 minute session, $180

Keep it local (cash only), $170


Zoom Sessions

60 minute session, $130

90 minute session, $180





What if the main reason for living is to nurture, discover and love? 

I believe in community, connection and sustainable solutions. I spend a fair amount of time contemplating the best use of my energy.


Empowering others to be their greatest selves fuels the love in my heart. 


In creating this business model where cash economy and caring for our community are primary values, it creates freedom for us to choose and advocate for a more loving and connected world.


Keep it local resonates for me on a lot of levels. Caring for our neighbor as ourselves is akin to a spiritual truth that I was raised to believe in. 


Love is love. I believe more love benefits all. 


My approach to creating solutions is to be informed about the issue at hand and then focus on solutions to solve whatever challenges arise. I know that I can only be a part of this equation. 


Community, connection and collaboration (3 C's) are how we create the world we want to see.

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