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My Background

My first inspiration to become a massage therapist began laying on a massage table. As I felt the tension in my body slowly fading away, a lightbulb turned on in my head. What a beautiful gift to help others by relieving their stress! This moment of serenity changed my worldview and my life took on a new path dedicated to the healing arts.


I began my career in massage therapy in 2004 upon graduating from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health in Atlanta, GA. Throughout my career, I have continued to deepen my skills through practice and continued education, including ongoing training with Upledger Institute. As a health-focused practitioner, I work in alliance with other healthcare providers to ensure the best care for those we treat. I specialize in Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, Oncology Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Perinatal Massage.


While I still rely on the fundamentals of my clinical training, my approach to care involves connecting first with the priorities, goals, and physical condition of each person I treat. My goal for every session is to incorporate the best techniques to encourage the body in its healing process and to restore vitality. Clients often share that our sessions allow them to feel calmer and more aligned on all levels. Being a witness to another’s healing is at the core of what inspires me.


My Philosophy

I believe that each person has an inner guidance that knows what is needed to bring healing and balance to the body. This inner guidance knows all the events, traumas, stresses, and emotions that are stored, often in the fascia.


My bodywork is informed by using my hands as a tool to tune in and create a collaboration with this guidance. This allows for the release of muscle tension patterns and greater vitality throughout the body.


What I love about this approach is that it is always honoring of my clients’ wisdom. I can sense when it’s appropriate to use a lighter or deeper pressure to support the body in its healing.


The benefit of this is lasting results, treating pain patterns and other structural dysfunctions skillfully in a way that does not over-tax the nervous system and creates more calm and ease to all of the systems of the body. 

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